Fleishman & Associates CPA Firm PA utilizes only the very best bookkeepers with no less than 25 years of experience.  We service business clients from 1 to 250 employees. We can handle all of your bookkeeping need whether monthly, quarterly or yearly.

We work with your needs and wants in mind.  With the experience of Fleishman & Associates we are able to utilize the software of your choice and try to ensure you have access to your bookkeeping at all times.  We are experts in local or cloud based software solutions and we have a secure remote access portal in place to guarantee that your personal information is private and encypted.  Please call for a free assessment.


Fleishman & Associates CPA Firm PA can handle all of your income tax return needs.  From the simplest to the most complex tax return, Fleishman & Associates will take the time necessary to carefully prepare your income tax return.  We also incorporate time for you to review each and every tax return that we prepare for you, to ensure all of your questions or concerns are addressed before the return is filed electronically.

With 35 years of experience, Philip Fleishman CPA has prepared thousands of returns garnering millions of dollars of refunds for clients.  We appreciate that you are interested in becoming a member of our family.



As with most companies, payroll is the most important job we can do for you at Fleishman and Associates CPA Firm PA. In order to assure you of the best possible service with the greatest security, we will oversee your payroll and utilize a third party payroll service that is insured, bonded and has a professionally trained staff for your needs all at a reasonable price.

Along with our services, many ancillary products are also available for you and your staff from 401(k)s to workers comp on a per payroll basis.

Financial Audits and Attestation Engagements

Fleishman and Associates CPA Firm PA can handle your audits and other attestation requirements and requests. All attestations will be personally reviewed by Phillip Fleishman, CPA. Whether you are undergoing or preparing for a financial audit, have additional licensing needs or are working on a potential merger/acquistion, let our team of experts assist you with an independent review of the financial state of the individual or organization in question.

We are licensed in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Ohio.

Audit Compilation Review
tax audit stamp on US tax form 1040

IRS and State Department of Revenue Audits

Fleishman and Associates CPA Firm PA has seen a recent uptick of IRS and State Department of Revenue audit letters based on the implementation of computerized checks of tax returns along with the recently added number of IRS auditors.  These letters and follow up conversations with the auditor can become very confrontational in the hope that you give up and pay money you may or may not owe.

Sometimes, these audits are because of a simple mistake that can be easily taken care of and sometimes not. We are happy to provide you with a brief assessment of the situation at no charge.

Business Valuation

Fleishman and Associates CPA Firm PA now offers business valuations.  We use an industry recognized software.  Additionally, we have partnered with other highly credentialed professionals if your business valuation is needed for a court. Call for a quote.